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Play with your Friends in ETS2.

Multiplayer Mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Forerunner Mods

With this Mod you can tuning your Truck for Singleplayer & Multiplayer

Customize your Truck with all Tuning Parts in ETS 2 Singleplayer and play your Truck in Multiplayer.

More Information can find on the Homepage of the Creator.

Mods by Foreunner

Tuning Mod by D.B Creation

Truck & Trailer Tuning Pack for Singleplayer & Multiplayer

Includes :

- Trailer ownership with all Trailer (Krone, Schwarzmueller etc)

- Trailer Tuning for all SCS, Krone & Schwarzmueller trailer

- Truck Tuning for all SCS Trucks

- Unlocks all Parts 

- Added 750 HP + best Transmission & LED Trucks to all brands  in the Truck Dealer.

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