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Thanks to the large community, we have received 4 awards for the best traffic mod for ETS 2 on Steam, Moddb, GamerZ and Nvidia Geforce Stories in recent years.

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This Mod Includes :

  • - Some Environment changes.
  • - Increased visibility of warning signs. (Flares)
  • - Increased visibility of traffic lights. (Flares)
  • - New AI Vehicle Lights.
  • - Changed all traffic and vehicle flares and improved.
  • - Security pedestrian added at night.
  • - New Wheels Textures for AI Traffic.
  • - New Main screen music by D.B Creation.
  • - Our own Trailer Skin with our Logo.
  • - Many Textures In-Game changes e.g Roads, Surfaces, Decals, Terrains.
  • - Realistic Tyre Sounds on some Surfaces.
  • - Map Zoom changes for Map Mod User.
  • - Economy Data changes.
  • - Many Sounds for Mover, Companies, AI Traffic and Environment.
  • - New detailed Models for Traffic Lights with LED, Traffic Signs, Road, Raillings and Speedcameras.

Traffic Essentials 1.38

SKU: 7.4.4 - 1.38
  • With ProMods, RusMap, NaturaLux & JazzyCat Packs

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