This Mod Pack includes all Mods of D.B Creation : 


  • - D.B Creations Special Rain Effects
  • - D.B Creations Xenon Lights for SCS Player Trucks
  • - D.B Creations AI traffic Unlocks
  • - D.B Creations Traffic High Intensity
  • - D.B Creations Traffic Normal Intensity
  • - D.B Creations Traffic Low Intensity
  • - D.B Creations Traffic Essentials
  • - D.B Creations Traffic Trailer Pack for DLC User
  • - D.B Creations Traffic Trailer Pack for No-DLC User
  • - D.B Creations Realistic Truck Physics
  • - D.B Creations Truck & Trailer Tuning Pack

VIP Mod Pack 1.34 - Normal Price

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  • Thank you for download our mods from our homepage.
    By that download, you will support us to work on new features.
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    - Make sure that you have downloaded our mod from our website please.
    - Official Homepage :

    Installation of the supplied mods:

    1. Open the downloaded file with a zip-capable program and unpack the SCS files inside it.

    2. Navigate to your Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder under Documents and create a "mod" folder if not available
    and put the SCS files in there.

    3. Now start your game and click on Mod Manager when you are in the start screen (first menu). Now activate the desired mods and arrange the mods as described below.

    4. Continue game and have fun

    [*** PRIORITY ORDER ***]

    1. Traffic Intensity (#)
    2. Traffic Unlocks
    *. Map Mod Files eg. "Def and so on"
    *. Other Traffic Mods like Jazzycat Packs
    3. Real Truck Physics
    4. Rain Mod (#)
    5. Traffic Essentials
    6. Xenon Lights
    7. Trailer Mod (+)

    (+)= If you have these DLCs : High Power Cargo Pack, DLC Scandinavia and DLC Schwarzmüller please use the "DLC mod". If  you dont have one of this DLC's than please use the "No-DLC Mod".
    (#)= If you select this Mods, make sure that you do have a good PC with good CPU core speed.


    [*** Credits: ***]
    SCS Software
    Satan19990 @

    [* Beta Tester *]
    Nelson Burotto
    Ansgar Landmann
    Jorgen Willersrud

    [* Supporters *]
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