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New ETS 2 Mod Updates are released.

For about 3 months, we've been working on almost every mod and fixing problems. Of course we have added many new features that you have probably already seen.

Here is a rough change of the mods.

Traffic Intensity

Revision of all intersections and motorway exits (vanilla map)

Changes to the AI ​​and its behavior in traffic.

traffic definition

Added 8 new vehicles and textures.

3rd LOD variant created for SCS vehicles, which increases performance in heavy traffic.

Added new Random Events and bug fixes to some events.

traffic environment

Revision of all signs in ETS 2. As well as prefabs and models.

New traffic lights at T-junctions in Germany.

All tunnels reworked with new textures and signs.

Bug fixes in combination with map extensions.

Traffic Trailer Pack

2 new trailers in the game for traffic and cargo.

Revision of older trailers by us.

bug fixes etc

Real Weather

Reworked raindrop texture and optimized the number on the windshield

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