Stargate Total Conversion II (sgtc2) is a Half-life 2 Total Conversion based on Stargate: Sg-1 and Stargate: Atlantis.

Development stopped in January 2010

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Stargate TC2

Beta 1 Client Edition - FULL

Jul 4th, 2008

StargateTC 2 - Beta 1 Client Edition - Full


Stargate TC Game Studios

Map: ah_Forest

Nov 6th, 2009

Multiplayer Map with Forest & Ruins


SGTC2 Dev Team

Patch 1 for Beta 1

Jul 11th, 2008

StargateTC2 - Patch 1 for Beta 1


Stargate TC Game Studios

Map: jr_iceworld

Oct 11th, 2008

Remake of the ever popular "fy_iceworld" map for SGTC2.


-JR- Apophis

Beta 1 Server Edition (Linux&Win)

Jul 1st, 2008

StargateTC 2 : Beta 1 Server Edition (for Linux & Windows)


Stargate TC Game Studios

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