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Traffic Intensity Mod

Adds new:

  • Spawn Frequency on all Roads.

  • Loading screen Pictures.

  • Traffic Light switching cycles.

  • Rush Hour at 8am & 3pm.

  • Traffic Behavior Parameter.

  • View Range of AI Vehicles.

  • Basic Behavior of all AI Vehicles.

  • AI Behavior on Crossroads, Forks, Motorways, Roundabouts & Intersections in all Country's.


  • Swing Radius of AI Long Trailers in Curves.

  • AI Savety Parameter.

  • Indicator Times for all AI Vehicles.

  • Max Speed Limit.

  • Speeds in different Weather Conditions. 

  • Accident Recovery Behavior.

  • Overtaking Behavior on all Roads.

  • Slow Vehicles Spawn Rate on Special Transport Deliveries.

  • AI Behavior at Tollgates

With our "Traffic Intensity Mod" for "ETS2", you change the behavior but also the amount of traffic on all roads in the game.
Due to the regular update from our partner for traffic volumes in Europe, we always have the realistic amount of vehicles on the roads of ETS2.
Whether in roundabouts or on motorway exits, we have reworked the behavior to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

But also the behavior in an accident or when overtaking, we have revised many parameters that are used for this.

As the mod adds more traffic, a better setup is also needed to play smoothly.

Due to the changes in traffic, we also had to change all cycles of traffic lights to prevent traffic jams or the like at the intersection.

This Mod includes 2 Variants of Reworks:

Costum Variant:
Use  it only, if you have a Map Mod in your Map combo.

SCS Map Variant:
Use this Mod, if you don't use any Map Mods.


- Slow Download Speed

- More Advertising

- Tasks have to be done

- Regular Download

ETS 2 Premium Mods

- High Speed Download

- No Advertising

- Premium Package

- Support of the Project

Only for Game Version: 1.49

Mod Version: 10.2.3

Only for Game Version: 1.48

Mod Version: 10.2.1

Only for Game Version: 1.47

Only for Game Version: 1.46

Only for Game Version: 1.45

Only for Game Version: 1.44

Only for Game Version: 1.43

Only for Game Version: 1.42

Only for Game Version: 1.41

Only for Game Version: 1.40

Only for Game Version: 1.39

Only for Game Version: 1.38

Only for Game Version: 1.37

Only for Game Version: 1.36

Only for Game Version: 1.35

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