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Stargate Atlantis "The defiant one"


While exploring the Lantean system, Major John Sheppard and his team find a Wraith supply ship that crash landed on another planet 10,000 years before. While investigating it, the team discover that they are not alone, as the lone Wraith survivor who lived for 10,000 years by feeding on fellow Wraith awakens.


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Map by: D.B Creation Dev Team

Stargate Atlantis Whispers

Stargate Atlantis "Whispers"


Dr. Carson Beckett is called in to help a team investigating a lab that once belonged to Michael Kenmore. But soon, they realize that a group of experiments that even Michael couldn't control are hellbent on killing the team.


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Map by: D.B Creation Dev Team

Stargate Atlantis Vengeance

Stargate Atlantis "Vengeance"

The Taranians have failed to contact Atlantis, so Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team is sent to investigate. They find the settlement abandoned, and soon find them all dead, by Michael Kenmore's experimenting.


On a mission to the Wraith homeworld, Major John Sheppard is attacked by an Iratus bug. A year later, the team meets Ellia, a female Wraith that was raised by a Human named Zaddik. Ellia takes Dr. Carson Beckett's incomplete Iratus bug retrovirus and turns into a creature closer to an Iratus bug. Sheppard and Ronon Dex manage to kill her but she feeds on Sheppard's arm and he is infected with the retrovirus and transforms into a creature similar to Elia.


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Supported Game : Counter-Strike : Source

Stargate SG-1 "Temple"

Stargate SG-1 "Temple"


Temple of the Stars is a temple of planet Gallicia. This temple is the first one outside world traveler look. Stargate is here and visitors are greeted by Becies priests upon arrival. SG teammembers may be surprised by how easy the priests receive off-world visitors while they have never seen creatures as technologically advanced as Tau'ri, the order Becie quite used to coming and going through the Stargate.

They will warn travelers about local customs, offering them food and other refreshments, and sign them as official visitors. The main city of Canaseva beyond the temple gates. In addition to Stargate, this temple is also a fairy advanced observatory, where academics from universities studying the movements of stars and the information on them left by Becie.





Supported Game : Counter-Strike : Source

Stargate SG-1 Kheb

Stargate SG-1 " Kheb"


Kheb, also known as P9Q-292 is one of the many planets in the Milky Way to hold a Stargate, and was where Oma Desala had established a retreat to teach others the ways of ascension. Long ago, Jaffa who could no longer take a prim'ta discovered Kheb. Believing that it held instructions on how to enter the afterlife, they informed a limited number of their elders. Unfortunately, the Goa'uld learned of the planet and sent a team there to investigate, which was subsequently destroyed.

It was also rumored that the Goa'uld Isis and Osiris took refuge on this world after being betrayed by their brother Setesh. Kheb was declared off limits and its Stargate address taken off official lists; however, it was still on the Ancient map of Stargates and in Jaffa legend the fact that Osiris hid on one of the planets of the Locnakoh system where Kheb was located was known though the legend did not state that it was Kheb nor did it give the address. The Goa'uld also apparently still knew the location as both Amaunet and Apophis were able to send Jaffa loyal to them there. Amaunet later took Shifu to Kheb to hide him from the System Lords. While searching for him SG-1 learned of the planet's location with help from Bra'tac and the Ancient map of Stargates downloaded by Colonel Jack O'Neill. While exploring Kheb, Dr. Daniel Jackson made contact with the Ancient Oma Desala, thus becoming known to the Ancient. It was Oma Desala who set Daniel Jackson on the road to ascension. Around 2,000 Jaffa and a Ha'tak came to this planet looking for Shifu during that time. Oma killed the Jaffa though its unclear what happened to the Ha'tak and left the planet with the child to protect him as she knew the Goa'uld would keep coming as long as he was there.

The Rebel Jaffa believed their souls would find their way to Kheb upon their death. It was the beginning of a belief system that replaced the Goa'uld as Gods for the Jaffa



Supported Game : Counter-Strike : Source

Stargate Continium

Stargate "Continuum"


SG-1 plans to go to the Tok'ra homeworld, where SG-3 and Major General Jack O'Neill have sent the last of the Ba'al clones for a symbiote extraction. The Free Jaffa Nation has an entire fleet to prevent Ba'al from escaping. Vala Mal Doran decides to bring in an X-699, which she claims is a precaution. However, Colonel Cameron Mitchell takes it away from her. They invite Major General Henry Landry to join them, who declines saying that he has to go through some paperwork.

The Tok'ra homeworld.

When they arrive at the Tok'ra homeworld, SG-1 and O'Neill listen to the Tok'ra chant all of the crimes Ba'al committed during his reign, a list that lasts for three hours. During that time, Dr. Daniel Jackson notices that Vala has disappeared, but assumes that she did not want to watch the extraction, as she went through it herself whilst she was a host to Qetesh. Eventually, Ba'al is taken out of stasis and escorted to the extractor. There, he approaches the team and gloats that he is merely the last clone, and that the real Ba'al has a failsafe plan in the works.



Supported Game : Counter-Strike : Source

Stargate SG-1 Chimmeria

Stargate SG-1 "Cimmeria"


Cimmeria, designated both P3X-974 and P3X-794 by the Tau'ri, is a planet under the protection of the Protected Planets Treaty, with the dominant race being the Cimmerians, who are descended from northern Europeans. The Cimmerians firmly believed that the Asgard were gods that protected them until the Asgard decided that their deception was no longer necessary following their contact with the Tau'ri.





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Stargate SG-1 Chulak

Stargate SG-1 "Chulak"


Chulak is a planet that is approximately 2,000 light years away from Earth. It is the true home of Teal'c. The planet was originally part of Cronus' empire (proof of this are the Greek-like structures) and then was conquered by his mortal enemy, Apophis, which became the ruler of Chulak. The Jaffa Rebellion began here, as the planet was the first to denounce the Goa'uld as false gods. Chulak later fell to the Ori.






Supported Game : Counter-Strike : Source

Stargate SG-1 Abydos

Stargate SG-1 "Abydos" B7


At the time the Tau'ri first reached Abydos, the group researching the Stargate was not certain of its use. The symbols for this world were the first valid gate address they discovered. A team was sent through, headed by Colonel Jack O'Neill, to look for signs of any "possible danger" on the other side. When the Abydonians first met the team, they were friendly, believing the team had been sent by Ra.

The execution Daniel Jackson was going to perform

When Ra returned to Abydos and discovered a Nuclear warhead, he captured the travelers and made plans to send the bomb back to Earth with a Naquadah enhancement. He captured O'Neill and revived Dr. Daniel Jackson, who had been killed in the struggle, with his Sarcophagus. He then told Jackson that unless he executed the rest of the party he would kill him and "all who have seen you."




Supported Game : Counter-Strike : Source

Stargate Atantis

Stargate Atlantis "Siege"


Due to the Lanteans' own overconfidence, the Wraith were able to acquire several Zero Point Modules and used them to power a cloning facilityto bolster their numbers faster than they could be diminished. With the much needed advantage they sought, the Wraith were able to absorb their losses and meet the Lanteans head-on time after time. Quickly absorbing Lantean territory into their own, the Wraith steadily advanced toward the Lantean system, destroying every Lantean settlement they could find in the process until there was little standing between them and Atlantis. 





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Stargate Universe Industry

Stargate Universe "Industry"













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Stargate SG-1 Tokra B2

Stargate SG-1 "Tokra" B2


The Tok'ra homeworld is a desert planet, that contains a large Goa'uld pyramide and an active Stargate. The planet also contains a large city, the capital of the Tok'ra, which is located close the the pyramide and the Stargate.








Supported Game : Counter-Strike : Source

Stargate SG-1 Nemesis

Stargate SG-1 "Nemesis"

Thor's ship is above Earth and is overrun with the Asgard's nemesis - one that is even more powerful than the Goa'uld: the Replicators. Colonel Jack O'Neill and SG-1 are beamed aboard to find out a way to stop them before they can infest Earth.








Supported Game : Counter-Strike : Source

Stargate Universe Novus

Stargate Universe Planet "Novus"


Novus, Ancient for "New" is a planet in a distant galaxy where the Destiny expedition (apart from Dr. Nicholas Rush and Colonel David Telford) from analternate timeline settled 2,000 years ago after being sent back in time when they tried dialing Earth from inside a Star. Novus was largely forested, and exhibits large areas of water.


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Stargate SG-1 Ori Village

Stargate SG-1 "Ori Village"


The Ori (pronounced or-eye) were the first evolution of humanity, along with the Ancients. Originally known as the Alterans, they later learned how to ascend and used their knowledge and power as a justification and a means to demand the worship of mortal beings, when they learned such worship increases the power of ascended beings.







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Stargate Sanctuary














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Stargate Event Horizon V13b

Event Horizon V13b













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