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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Mods

Tuning Mod by D.B Creation

Truck & Trailer Tuning Pack

Truck & Trailer Tuning Pack for
Singleplayer, Convoy & TruckersMP


Get ready to take your trucking experience to the next level with the

Truck & Trailer Tuning Pack!

This pack is compatible with Singleplayer, Convoy, and TruckersMP, so you can enjoy the upgrades no matter how you play.

With customization options for Krone, Schwarzmueller, and other trailers, you can make your truck truly your own.

Plus, the pack includes tuning options for all SCS, Krone, and Schwarzmueller trailers, as well as all SCS trucks.

With the ability to unlock all parts and add 750 HP, the Truck & Trailer Tuning Pack is a must-have for any serious trucker.

Check out the LED trucks and best transmission options available for all brands in the Truck (Mod) Dealer


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