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Traffic Definitions Mod

Adds new:

  • AI Vehicles to Traffic.

  • Random Road Events.

  • Vehicle Headlamps.

  • Engine Sounds for Traffic.

  • Level of Detail (LODs) for all Traffic Vehicles.

  • Real License Plate Variants.

  • Train (Cargo Beamer).

  • Powered Axles to all AI Vehicles.

  • D.BAC Fleet to Traffic.

  • BDF Trucks to Traffic.

  • Car Trailer as Hook for some Vehicles.

  • Driver and Passenger in Vehicles.

  •  Animations for Mixer Verhicles.

  • Unmarked Police Cars for some Country's.

  • Speedcamera as Random Road Event.

  • Cutscenes to Random Road Events.

  • Articulated Bus to Traffic.


  • Weight, Max Speed & HP for all Vehicles in Traffic.

  • Speed Limits in some Country's.

  • Some exists Random Road Events for more Dynamic.

  • Vehicle Textures for more Realism.

  • Parked Vehicles Spawn Frequency.

  • Spawn Frequency of rare Vehicles in Traffic.

  • Lighting Spots of some Objects & Vehicles.

  • Traffic Rules for specific Vehicles.

  • Traffic Rule of Signs.

With our "Traffic Definitions Mod" for "ETS2" you add more vehicles and variants.

By adding many vehicles, for example articulated buses, which we have created ourselves and third-party partners, you have a versatile traffic.

Driving on "ETS2 Europe" roads never gets boring.

We even created license plates for the vehicles in traffic, whether in Germany, Austria or Italy.

We have also added our towing fleet (D.BAC) to recover any vehicle that has an accident or similar.

We even added new trains with many variants to be versatile there too.

In order to get a better game performance, we created more LOD variants of the vehicles to speed up the calculation of the vehicles in traffic.

By creating new random events, every tour becomes something special.

But watch your speed because we also created unmarked Police Cars & Speedcameras to catch all speed offenders.


- Slow Download Speed

- More Advertising

- Tasks have to be done

- Regular Download


- High Speed Download

- No Advertising

- Premium Package

- Support of the Project

Get your Premium Package

Only for Game Version: 1.50

Mod Version: 10.5.42

Only for Game Version: 1.49

Mod Version: 10.4.7

Only for Game Version: 1.48

Mod Version: 10.4.4

Only for Game Version: 1.47

Only for Game Version: 1.46

Only for Game Version: 1.45

Only for Game Version: 1.44

Only for Game Version: 1.43

Only for Game Version: 1.42

Only for Game Version: 1.41

Only for Game Version: 1.40

Only for Game Version: 1.39

Only for Game Version: 1.38

Only for Game Version: 1.37

Only for Game Version: 1.36

Only for Game Version: 1.35

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