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Traffic Environment Mod

Adds new:

  • Driveable Bus Stations for AI Buses.

  • Detailed Models of Traffic Lights with LED.

  • Reflective Road Signs and Road Objects.

  • Green Arrow Traffic Lights in Germany.

  • Colours for AI Vehicles.

  • Random Road Events (Channels with Physic)

  • Road Textures for old SCS Roads.

  • LED Speed Limits Signs.

  • Normal Map Texture for many 3D Objects.


  • Visibility of Warning Road Signs & Traffic Lights.

  • Many In-Game Textures e.g. Roads, Surfaces, Decals, Buildings & Terrains.

  • All Traffic Lights with reflective Signs.

  • Railway Crossings with realistic Physics (Speed Limit 30 km/h). 

  • Render Distance of Vegetations.

  • Old Prefabs with new AI Navigations Points.

  • Old Tollgates with new Navigation Meshs for AI Traffic.

  • Lightning in Tunnels.

  • All Vehicles Light Flares.

  • Navigation Meshs for many Road Prefabs e.g. Gas Stations, Tollgates and more.

With our "Environment Mod" for "ETS2" you can improve many in-game textures and give the game a new look.

In addition, the mod includes many revisions to signs or traffic lights. Whether you drive at night or during the day, you will always be able to clearly see the signs.

At night all signs and objects reflect.

During the day all signs appear clear and distinct.

But we have also created LED speed signs, for example in tunnels.
We have also created passable bus stops so that buses can stop there.

Of course, we also edited prefabs to add new navigation points for traffic or revised old ones.
Level crossings are now equipped with reflective barriers and new traffic lights. Furthermore, the speed limit is now 30 km/h because the road surface has been revised there.

ETS2 Free Download

- Slow Download Speed

- More Advertising

- Tasks have to be done

- Regular Download

ETS2 Premium Download

- High Speed Download

- No Advertising

- Premium Package

- Support of the Project

Only for Game Version: 1.50

Mod Version: 9.2.3

Only for Game Version: 1.49

Mod Version: 9.1.7

Only for Game Version: 1.48

Mod Version: 9.1.5

Only for Game Version: 1.47

Only for Game Version: 1.46

Only for Game Version: 1.45

Only for Game Version: 1.44

Only for Game Version: 1.43

Only for Game Version: 1.42

Only for Game Version: 1.41

Only for Game Version: 1.40

Only for Game Version: 1.39

Only for Game Version: 1.38

Only for Game Version: 1.37

Only for Game Version: 1.36

Only for Game Version: 1.35

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