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*** Weekly Update 51 ***

Attention !


A big focus of the upcomming update is on DirectX 11 (11.1 to be exact). They have decided to drop support for DirectX 9 for the sake of faster and easier development. So from Update 1.36 onwards, ETS 2 won't be compatible with systems running on DirectX 9.

All mods are now updated and are being tested intensively !

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Ein großer Fokus des kommenden Updates liegt auf DirectX 11 (11.1 um genau zu sein). Sie haben beschlossen, die Unterstützung für DirectX 9 einzustellen, um die Entwicklung zu beschleunigen und zu vereinfachen. Ab Update 1.36 ist ETS 2 daher nicht mehr mit Systemen kompatibel, die auf DirectX 9 ausgeführt werden.

Alle mods sind nun geupdatet und werden zur Zeit intensiv getestet !

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AI Traffic Intensity

This Mod Includes : 

- 3 Traffic Intensitys

( Low, Normal & High )

- Included AI Behavior by D.B Creation

Most downloaded Mod !

AI Traffic Unlocks

This Mod Includes :

- Unlocked all AI Cars & Trucks in Traffic in each country
- Unlocked all AI Cars & Truck colors in Traffic. 
- Corrected maximum speeds for cars. 

- Corrected weight for all AI Vehicles in Traffic.

- Real Gear Ratios & Boxes. (eg. 6 speed manual or automatic)

- Real powered Axles for all Vehicles. (4x4, FWD or RWD)

- Corrected speed limits in countries. 
- Increased vision coverage for AI Traffic.
- Changing Traffic Light Circles.
- Increased visibility of warning signs. (Flares)
- Increased visibility of Traffic lights. (Flares)
- New AI Vehicle Headlamps.

- New engine Sounds for some Vehicles.

- New Licence plates for all Countrys.

- High Definition Textures and Light Masks for all Traffic Vehicles.
- Security pedestrian added at night.​

AI Traffic Trailer Pack

 This mod includes : 

- Add all avaiable Trailer`s into Traffic including DLC Trailers

- Event trailers including since 2017 ec: Krone, GoodYear and Christmas trailer

- All Trailers have realistic weigth of cargo and LOD Distances.

Traffic Trailer Pack for all DLCs.

Including 10 Trailer Packs.

Now 174 different Trailer types in Traffic and all are SCS standard Trailers !

AI Traffic Essentials

  This Mod incudes:

- Some Environment changes.
- Increased visibility of warning signs. (Flares)
- Increased visibility of traffic lights. (Flares)
- New AI Vehicle Lights.
- Changed all traffic and vehicle flares and improved.
- Security pedestrian added at night.
- New Wheels Textures for AI Traffic.
- New Main screen music by D.B Creation.
- Our own Trailer Skin with our Logo.
- Many Textures In-Game changes e.g Roads, Surfaces, Decals, Terrains.

- Realistic Tyre Sounds on some Surfaces.
- Map Zoom changes for Map Mod User.
- Economy Data changes.
- Many Sounds for Mover, Companies, AI Traffic and Environment.
- New detailed Models for Traffic Lights with LED, Traffic Signs, Road

   Raillings and Speedcameras.

Xenon Lights

This Mod Includes:

- Xenon Lights for all SCS Player Trucks including blue Flares.

Rain Effects

This Mod includes :

- Rain Particles for the Wheels.

- Added raindrops and increases the number of drops.

- Rain & Thunder Sound Effects.

Truck Physics

This Mod Includes : 

- Realistic Truck Physics for all SCS standard Player Trucks

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