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New ETS 2 mod updates for 1.37 are now in progress

Please be patient, we will try to update our mods for ETS 2 1.37 as soon as possible.

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All Mods are Standalone Mods and compatible with:

ProMods, RusMap, Jazzycat & NaturaLux Mods

ETS 2 Realistic Traffic Amount includng Rush Hour.

Traffic Intensity Pack

- Traffic Intensity Pack to change the Amount of Vehicles.

- Including our own AI Behavior for all Vehicles in Traffic


- In this Pack are 3 different Intensity Mods.

High Traffic,

Normal Traffic,

Low Traffic. 

ETS 2 Mod for Realistic Traffic Vehicles

Traffic Unlocks

- Unlocked all hidden AI Vehicles to Traffic.

- Added Real Weight, Torque & Max Speed to AI Vehicles.

- Realistic License plate for all Countrys.

- Better Textures for all Base Game Vehicles including Lightmasks.

- Real Sounds for some base game Vehicles.

ETS 2 Mod for Realistic Environment

Traffic Essentials

- High Quality of Textures & Objects e.g

Traffic Ligths, Signs, Roads, Trees, Light Effects (Flares) & Buildings.

- Realistic Sounds for Environment, Companys & Mover Objects like Plans.

- New Headlights System included for all Vehicles.

- Force Feedback on some Road Surfaces.

ETS 2 Mod for more Traffic Trailers.

Traffic Trailer Pack

- Add all available Trailers to Traffic with original Cargo Weights.

- All Freight market Trailer are in Traffic including Special Transport Trailers with Escort Vehicle.

- All WoT event Trailers since 2016 included in Traffic.

- LOD Distances for better FPS stability included.

- All Traffic Trailers have Cable Support to invoid Warning Messages in the Log File.

ETS 2 Mod for Realistic Weather and Rain

Special Rain Effects

- Improve the weather with our new Rain Effects.

- Realistic Rain Drops on the Windshield.

- Real Sounds of Rain, Thunder & Wind.

ETS 2 Mod for Realsitic Physics of the Trucks

Real Truck Physics

- Change the Truck Physics of your Truck & Trailer.

- Better cabin movement when braking and accelerating.

- Real suspension for all axles.

- Only for Base Game Player Trucks.

ETS 2 Mod for Xenon Lights for PlayerTrucks.

Xenon Headlights

- Change the Headlights of your Truck with new Xenon Blurbs.

- Supported are all Base Game Player Trucks.

- Better visibility at night and in bad weather.

Or put together your mods you want to have and support us with them

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